Kristals Explains it: Is Juicing Proven to be Helpful for Better Skin?

Kristals Explains it: Is Juicing Proven to be Helpful for Better Skin?

Many people fear that the LA-born practice of rendering anything from spinach to avocado into a large green juice, may be a symptom of compulsive healthy eating. We here at Kristals Cosmetics, are huge advocates of inside-out healthy lifestyle habits that result in better skin that glows from within. With this holistic approach to beauty in mind, we have researched the actual effects of juicing in our bodies. Here are some juicing facts, most experts agree on:

  1. People who juice have described a state of mental clarity and focus that enables them to feel more productive.
  2. On the first stage of juicing, most people experience what is known as a detox breakout, which goes away once your body adjusts to its new diet.
  3. Juicing gives your digestive system a break.
  4. When you drink a fruit and/or vegetable juice, you’re drinking pure nutrition that goes straight into your blood flow.
  5. Juicing is easy! There are pre-packaged juices for on the go consumption, innumerable home recipes, and all kinds of different alternatives to fit different lifestyles. Anyone can juice!
  6. Juicing may help you fight insomnia. And we all know a good night’s beauty sleep shows on our skin.
  7. Recent research by the University of St Andrews showed that volunteers who increased their consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables described their skin as improved and glowing.
  8. Juicing is a great way to fight dryness and flakiness because you’re sending extra hydration into your skin. Specially if you use Coconut or Aloe Vera Water in the mix.
  9. Drinking apple and ginger juice is known to soothe and help repair the blood vessels in your skin that cause rosacea flares.
  10. Carotenoid-rich juices will result in naturally rosier complexion. So, drink up a nice blend of carrots, squash, broccoli, dark green leafy greens and sweet potatoes.
  11. The longer you juice, the deeper you cleanse your body. But don’t take it too far!
  12. White eyes and  glowing skin are telltale signs that juicing has done it magic.
  13. If you’re diabetic, juicing is probably not for you. Ask your Doctor about it though!

 It is now Kristal clear to us that juicing for better skin actually works! What are your thoughts? Have you ever considered juicing for better skin? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

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