This gemstone has also been associated with courage, strength and residence. Ancient lore from some cultures also regarded aquamarine as a stone of youth and happiness, and some held that aquamarine could bring victory in any conflict, whether on the battlefield or in a court of law. Today, crystal enthusiasts prize aquamarine because they believe its energy opens up channels of clarity to allow for greater progress through life’s challenges. They also see the stone as allowing for a conscious release of old, negative patterns, so aquamarine is regarded as a stone of empowerment.
Applied to skincare, aquamarine appears to be helpful in calming irritation and in managing conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Because of its association with strength, here at Kristals we chose to use aquamarine in the formulation of our men’s product line.
“Regarded as a stone of youth and happiness, and some held that aquamarine could bring victory in any conflict.”

Aquamarine for Skincare

  • Soothing irritated skin caused by shaving
  • Cleansing and properly moisturizing male skin
  • Refreshing and toning skin

Key Characteristics of Aquamarine


The Sumerians, Egyptians and Hebrews held Aquamarine as a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth. It is held in quite high regard in the East as the Stone of the Seer and Mystic, a gemstone that imparts purity to the wearer.


The moods most often associated with aquamarine are soothing, cleansing, refreshing and invigorating. Aquamarine is also connected to psychic abilities, peace, courage, communication and purification.

Color and Character:

Blue, very slightly greenish blue, greenish blue, very strongly greenish blue, or green-blue.


Water, as it offers cleansing, healing, and cooling properties.

Is Aquamarine a match for you?

  • Razor bumps and irritation are a concern
  • Need help in keeping your skin properly moisturized
  • Keeping skin healthy and revitalized is a priority