Which Celebrities look gorgeous without makeup?

Which Celebrities look gorgeous without makeup?

Celebrities who used to shy away from having their photos taken unless they were absolutely put together from head to toe now appear on social media make-up free for all the world to see. But it isn't paparazzi who catch them in the raw; it's selfies that trend on Instagram. So how do these gorgeous gals look smashing without the help from their personal makeup artists when they choose to bare it all?

Here are 7 celebrities that look gorgeous without makeup:

1. Lady Gaga

Lady G has built her persona on her outrageous looks, especially her make up, but she says it's a must to let your skin breathe a bit and go bare. She makes it a habit to not go to sleep wearing her heavy makeup, unless she flops into bed after a particularly late party night. She also says that the one secret to her looking good with and without makeup is that she always carries sunblock. "Tanning your face gives you wrinkles."

2. Dakota Johnson

Dakota's Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Gray was bare-faced (among other things) frequently in the sexy film and the actress shares the same easy style. For the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker, Dakota posted a make-up free selfie from the set. Even on the red carpet, she only uses a hint of makeup. Must be her workout regime that keeps her skin glowing. When on set, Dakota says she only drinks nutrient laden raw fruit juice, apple, lemon, ginger and orange. Fresh squeezed juice for a fresh face.

3. Gwen Stefani

"The Voice" coach and Blake Shelton's No. 1 squeeze frequently posts photos of herself on Instagram without her signature red lipstick and heavily painted eyes. In fact, one selfie had her showing off bedhead. "Just goes to show that beauty comes from within" was one fan's message. When ask the secret to her flawless appearance, she said meditation, mindful living and being grateful is where she's putting much of her energy right now. Namaste, Gwen.

4. Sharon Stone

No-shame Sharon's Facebook account had a photo of the actress taken by a friend on her 58th birthday sans any make up and her hair swept up with a headband. Her secret to looking good with no makeup is all about acceptance, she says. "At a certain point, you start asking yourself, 'What really is sexy?' " she told US Weekly. "It's liking yourself enough . . . "

5. Kylie Jenner

Maybe it's her age, but Kylie's natural beauty is without a doubt unmistakable on the myriad of Instagram photos she posts not wearing any makeup. She even showed off freckles in one, cute non-scripted moment. Boyfriend Tyga said after the picture started trending that Kylie looks like "an angel from heaven when she's natural." According to a close friend of Tyga, he's always telling her to trash her makeup.

6. Sofia Vergara

Make-up free while sunning at a luxurious pool, her selfie was trending within minutes because of how much younger the movie and television beauty looked without heavy mascara and a very natural, lipstick less smile. The 44 year old Colombian-American actress credits her looks to good genes. Muy caliente!

7. Halle Berry

The 50-year old star looks just as fresh-faced without makeup as she did when she was cast in the first X-Men movie back in 2000. Not only does she have smooth, line-free skin, she has no noticeable bags under her eyes and a natural plumpness to her skin that doesn't look cosmetically enhanced. Her secret? Maybe it's the Red Carpet Facial she gets once a week—or it could be the rock-solid skincare routine she described in an interview with InStyle, in which she broken down how she's been using proper cleanser, toner and eye cream since her 20s.

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