Celebrity Engagement Rings with the Most Gigantic and Rare Gemstones

Celebrity Engagement Rings with the Most Gigantic and Rare Gemstones

Not only diamonds are a girl's best friend… all gemstones are! Traditional diamond engagement rings simply don’t cut it anymore. Hollywood weddings might not typically be the “once in a lifetime” kind, but celebrity engagement rings are becoming more and more unique with a much wider array of the most exquisite combination of gemstones. Keep reading to learn which gemstone made which star say YES!

Elizabeth Hurley and Penelope Cruz

Elizabeth Hurley and Penelope Cruz chose sapphires. The striking blue coloured gemstone represents wealth, success and strength. It is also known to soothe irritated skin and promote anti aging. Penelope Cruz flaunted a three carat sapphire surrounded by diamonds.  A luxurious $30,000 engagement ring gifted by actor Javier Bardem. Elizabeth Hurley said yes to a gigantic square sapphire with two diamonds and an even more shocking value, estimated in $47,000! 

Halle Berry

The Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry received a non-traditional (yet stunning!) emerald and diamond ring, placed in a gold setting from Olivier Martinez. Emeralds are known in gem therapy to improve focus and communication skills. Professionally, wearing an emerald may boost creativity and artistic talents.

Jessica Simpson

Footballer fiancé, Eric Johnson popped the question to Jessica with a breathtaking ruby ring with two diamonds on each side. Ruby is not only Jessica Simpson’s birthstone, it is also associated with love, passion and harmony. Three benefits - I think we could all agree - any long lasting relationship needs. The exquisite engagement ring is valued in a whooping $100,000, according to Glamour Magazine

Heidi Klum

It’s not every day that you see a 10-carat yellow diamond engagement ring. It is a rare and exquisite stone, even for celebrities. Heidi Klum obviously enjoys one of a kind gemstones as she was spotted out flaunting this beautiful rock, even after her marriage with Seal was officially ended. Each diamond - no matter its color - symbolizes love, commitment, perfection and illumination. That’s the main reason why it is so popular as an engagement ring. And although it may not guarantee a “Happily Ever After”, it never fails to put a smile on the bride to be.

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