What are the best travel skin care tips?

What are the best travel skin care tips?

Traveling has improved over the years but it still isn’t a smooth process. Here are our best travel skin care tips to keep you looking good from Point A to Point B—or any other points on the itinerary.

5 Best Travel Skin Care Tips

#1 Hydrate the Night Before

Airplane air is notorious for drying out the skin—so apply a heavy-duty moisturizer the night before so your skin is prepped. Try a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration.

#2 Spritz on the Go

You should be able to bring a small spray bottle on board the plane, so bring one with rosewater toner and spray away to keep your skin fresh.

#3 Borrow Some Butter

If you happen to forget your lip balm, ask the flight attendant if they have butter. Just a dab will help keep your lips from drying out on the plane, advise the skin care experts.

#4 No Touching

Avoid touching your face while traveling—without knowing it, you can pick up bacteria that are not good for your facial skin. Keep your hands clean with a good hand sanitizer, just in case.

#5 Stop the Frizz

A bit of hand lotion applied to frizzy parts can smooth them out and get rid of fly-aways.

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