What Are Some Bad Makeup Mistakes We All Make?

What Are Some Bad Makeup Mistakes We All Make?

Rosy cheeks from blush that doesn't match, clumpy mascara that makes eyelashes stick together, painted on brows. How can you avoid these six common makeup mistakes?

Top 6 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

1. Cheeks To Blush

Sometimes your blush looks more rosy than necessary. To avoid the scarlet plague, here's a tip: pinch your cheeks and look for a blush that matches that color. If you've left the house and notice that you need a tone down, brush some natural colored powder over blush. A frequent makeup mistake is putting blush on the apples of your cheeks. Brush it sparingly along the cheekbones, using the center of your eye as a guide for the starting point.


2. Brow Pencil To Brows

Never draw a line on your eyebrow, you might end up looking like a mannequin. To supplement your brows with powder, brush it lightly into the sparse areas. If you want to use a brow pencil instead, make short, light strokes to sketch in individual eyebrows where you need them. If your brows are pale, go one shade darker. If they're dark, go one shade lighter.


3. Eye Shadow To Eyes, Not Clothes

Eye makeup should match the spirit of your clothes, not the color. If you're wearing something edgy, go for a smoky look. Something softer goes with brighter outfits.


4. Mascara That Clumps Your Eyelashes

Mascara may be as temperamental as your mother-in-law, but easier to control. To avoid clumps, before applying mascara wipe off any dried or caked on mascara from the wand with a cotton cloth and makeup remover. Don't pump the mascara like you've done for years. Pumping traps air into the barrel of the mascara, instead you should swirl the mascara tip around the barrel before pulling the wand out.


5. Concealers That Are Noticeable

If you want to avoid that ghostly white undereye look, make sure the concealer is 1 to 2 tones lighter than the tone of your foundation.  Before applying concealer, make sure that your face is treated with moisturizer first.


6. Lipstick That Bleeds

Nice lipstick, not nice on your teeth. When your lipstick doesn't want to stay inside the lines, try a full-mouth application of a natural colored lip pencil. Apply lip liner around your lips to create a barrier. Use a brush to paint on the lipstick, starting in the center and working outward with small, precise strokes. Or, here's an easy tip: press your lipstick into your lips with your finger.


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