Gemstones by Date of Birth: Which One Is Yours?

Gemstones by Date of Birth: Which One Is Yours?

Gemstones each possess different healing properties and a special meaning. For that reason, when it comes to picking jewellery, we want our choice to symbolise something unique and deeply connected to us. Keep reading to know the right gemstone by date of birth:

Gemstones by Date of Birth

January - Garnet

If you were born in the month of January, then Garnet is your gemstone. This one may be slightly underrated, but it’s actually not a common gemstone at all. Although it’s typically associated with the color red, there’s actually plenty of different varieties of Garnet in multiple colors. Some of these are semi-precious and some super luxurious, rare and even collectable.

February - Amethyst

For those of you whose birth date is on February, Amethyst is a semi precious gemstone designated just for you. From pinks to purples, the beautiful Amethyst comes from the quartz family and can be found all over the world. It promotes inside-out beauty by increasing the serenity of your mind and improving your hair and skin’s health.

March - Aquamarine

If you celebrate your birthday in March, you can call yourself lucky: your birthsone is Aquamarine, related to the Emerald. This gem is notorious for its beautiful range of light blue/green sea colors. It means good health, love, hope and protection for the person who wears it.

April - Diamond

After reading this, you’ll wish you were an April baby. Diamonds are one of the most precious and most coveted gemstones of them all. They have great press when it comes to engagement rings, but originally its value was related to their unbeatable hardness. 

May - Emerald

May’s beautiful green Emerald symbolizes youth, good fortune and promotes good health for the wearer.

June - Pearl

If June is the month you were born in, then Pearl - the gemstone of chastity and modesty - is for you. This birthstone is believed to protect marriages, making them stable, healthy and long-lasting.

July - Ruby

July’s gemstone is the all time favorite Ruby. Bring harmony and peace to your life by wearing this stone.

August - Peridot

Peridot will be sure to protect those born in the month of August from any negativity.

September - Sapphire

Many people ignore the fact that Sapphire can be white, yellow, red, green, orange and all sorts of shades other than Blue! It is believed to heal any spiritual imbalances.

October - Opal

October’s birthstone is Opal. If you’re born in this month, there’s great news for you!  Opal gemstone has a very wide price range, which means there’s one for every budget.

November - Citrine

November born precious stone is Citrine. It is part of the Quartz family and known to strengthen body and mind.

December - Turquoise

If you were born in December, you are as unique as Turquoise. Although pricey, Turquoise is believed to attract good fortune, and an overall happy life.

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