Gem Therapy: Myth or Fact?

Gem Therapy: Myth or Fact?

Gem Therapy or Crystal Healing is a branch of alternative medicine believed to help address and cure health issues -- but is it legit? Here at Kristals we say YES. Read on for a brief history of these modalities.

Gem Therapy: Myth or Fact?

Gem Therapy is based on the Chinese concept of life-energy and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of chakras: seven centres of spiritual power in the human body that connect the physical and spiritual levels. The belief behind the chakra philosophy of disease is that disease on any of these particular areas is caused by an energy imbalance.

Early on in history, a link was established between a person's apparently sudden healing and the gemstones and minerals present in a certain geographic location. Simply put, visitors of certain areas shared an increased feeling of well-being. Advocates believe that crystals and gemstones possess the ability to speed up the body’s healing process.

Therefore, gemstones are used to channel positive healing energy into our bodies and help gem therapy release any negative vibrations that may be obstructing our physical health.

Although gem therapy is slowly but surely becoming mainstream, scientists still classify it as a pseudoscience. The art of crystal healing is widely used around the world, specially at health spas and new age health clinics (as well as by countless individuals everywhere). One of the most requested gem therapy treatments at these facilities is a Reiki treatment amplified with healing crystals. 

The basic principles of gem therapy are the healing properties assigned to each gemstone. Amethysts, for instance, will be indicated for someone with gastrointestinal ailments; green aventurine will aid in preventing heart disease; and yellow topaz is believed to strengthen our attention and increase focus and concentration.

The 7 Chakras

A typical healing session may consist of a certified massage therapist or alternative healer trained to place various gemstones or crystals on different areas of your body known as chakra points. These points are located on the forehead, throat, chest, stomach, gut and genital areas.

The base chakra is the lowest chakra of our bodies right at the bottom of the spine. This chakra is related to our basic needs: security and stability.  

Next is the sacral chakra that lies between your pelvic bowl and your navel. This energy center is connected to sexuality, desire, and reproduction.

The third chakra, is known as the solar plexus chakra. It is the energy center of our bodies and determines our focus, will and drive.

The fourth chakra is located around your heart and linked to our emotional health, love, compassion.

Right in the throat is the chakra that controls communication.

In the forehead, just above the throat chakra and in between the eyes is the third eye connected to intuition and spiritual awareness.

(Read more about the 7 chakras at MindBodyGreen.)

Gem Therapy also promotes the use of talismans during your everyday life, as a way of treating or preventing disease. This may include carrying a crystal in your pocket or purse, placing them under pillow while you sleep, or wearing a protective gemstone on your body as jewelry -- this is precisely why at Kristals we carry a selection of healing gemstone jewelry.

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