What are the Most Breathtaking Celebrity Transformations?

What are the Most Breathtaking Celebrity Transformations?

There are little tweaks and big fixes that can change an appearance and when it comes to celebrity transformations, the most dramatic can be seen as we follow stars through the years. So here is our list of the Most Breathtaking Celebrity Transformations.

8 Most Breathtaking Celebrity Transformations

1. Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift burst on the scene as country music's darling, she was a doe-eyed, fresh-faced kid that favoured blue eyeshadow, shiny lip gloss, and goldilocks. Now as a pop princess, she's perfected her look and become a sophisticated style role model to millions of teenage girls. She (or her beauty stylists) have made the flat iron her best friend – no more curls, but straight, perfectly smooth hair, lips are matte red devoid of gloss, and eyeliner creates artfully winged cat eyes.

2. Katy Perry

Speaking of singers, Katy Perry changes her hair color more often than she introduces new songs to Billboard Charts. A fan of 1940s, pin-up girl glamour, Perry has channeled everyone from Bettie Paige with black hair and bangs to a pink pompadour. Perry is so into changing hair color – she believes hair color is an added accessory like a good handbag – she has her own personal hair colorist. "I love creating colors for her because she always knows how to rock it!," Perry's colorist Ritz Hazan told InStyle.com.

3. Rhianna

In 2007, Rihanna's go to was dark eyeliner and smoky eyeshadow, but the following year, the "Take a Bow" star matured into mainly cool matte tones. For lips, Rihanna has learned to go bold and mostly finds colors that match what she's wearing even if it is screaming yellow or something that looks like it's straight out of "Star Trek." From emerald green at the IHeartRadio awards in 2014, to a jet black pout while on a fishing trip, Rih Rih is constantly stealing the show. How does she do it? According to skincare and beauty researchers at Adore Cosmetics you have to be fearless and exude confidence to pull off extreme lipstick shades.

4. Jennifer Laurence

In 2011, for the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence went retro with cat-eye liner and a tangerine lipstick. JoLa's eyes were the focal point at the Oscars that same year. Her make up stylist said she played up the eyes with lots of mascara and sultry black liner and also layered four neutral tones of eyeshadow to give the eyes a soft, smudgy look. Today, the actress gets thumbs up for her natural look—a sweep of bronze that gives her fair skin a sun-kissed tone and a frosty pink lipstick for a soft look.

5. Beyoncé

By 2010, Billboard reported Beyoncé had earned the most gold records in the past decade. Perhaps that's why every ounce of makeup on Beyoncé’s face had some sort of gold hue—gold lips, gold eyeshadow, gold shimmer foundation, and even gold lips. She still looks radiant, but has toned down the gold a bit, keeping it limited to a sparkle of gold at the inner corners of her eyes and a bit of golden highlighter blended on the cheekbones. According to skincare and beauty researchers at Adore Cosmetics, a golden glow is most flattering and feminine when it is subtle.

6. Angelina Jolie

She showed off her tattoos in tank tops during her Lara Croft days. She also had a gothic look, and on the red carpet, in 2000, which was the year she won an Oscar for Girl, Interrupted, she appeared to be channeling Morticia Adams with dark makeup and dressed completely in black. By 2014, things had lightened up.  When AJ met the Queen Mother in London for her honorary dame designation, her make up palette was pastel, soft and refined.

7. Miley Cyrus

She has literally grown up in front of our eyes, beginning in 2006 when we first spotted her fresh-faced and looking oh so girly in "Hannah Montana." Her makeup artist Pati Dubroff told Teen Vogue, "I've been working with Miley since she was 14," she explains. "I love the girl I remember, who had flawless skin and wore no makeup . . . soft, creamy, and dreamy." A decade later, Cyrus refuses to play it safe. Sporting a punk looks pretty pixie haircut, red, red lips, dark eyebrows, and spidery eyelashes, she's no longer Daddy's little girl.

8. Ellen

In 2008, comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres was spotted wearing plum eyeshadow, which highlighted her blue eyes, but dark eye makeup can attract attention to crow's feet, according to skincare and beauty researchers at Adore Cosmetics.  Jeanette Ostergard, the Emmy-award-winning makeup artist for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, told allure.com, that there isn't anything glittery or iridescent in her make up kit." On HD TV it just makes you look shiny and sweaty." Ellen's look is natural, especially her lips. "I use a natural liner and a gloss. It makes the lips look dewy," Ostergard said.

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