Top 3 Most Shocking Celebrity Skincare Secrets!

Top 3 Most Shocking Celebrity Skincare Secrets!

You name it, celebrities are up for it!  Just as long as they get the promise of a more youthful look in return, these glamorous women will try the most mind-blowing beauty treatments you probably never even heard of.  Here’s our list for the top 3 most shocking skincare secrets they’ve dared to confess:

#1 Kim Kardashian's Vampire Facelift
Kim is only in her 30s and obviously blessed by nature since birth. But constantly being in the spotlight surely puts Kim Kardashian under a huge amount of pressure. She certainly showed her commitment to maintaining her beautiful skin when she published a photograph of herself while getting a Vampire Facelift. We’ve all heard beauty can be painful, but her bloody face took that saying to another level. Apparently, during a Vampire Facelift, blood was drawn from Kim's arm, and then its platelets were injected into her face as an anti-aging procedure. Ouch!

#2 Victoria Beckham’s Bird Poop Facial
Another natural beauty that goes to extremes in her search for eternal youth is Victoria Beckham. The Daily Mail published an article stating that the successful fashion designer - and former Spice Girl - has tried bird poop as part of her skincare regime. Yup! You’re reading this right. Apparently the bird poop facial - or Geisha facial - is NOW not only totally acceptable but most certainly IN, since Victoria’s secret was leaked. With the promise of a shinier and much smoother skin, this Japanese beauty practice has left crowds both shocked and intrigued !

#3 Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Stung By Bees
Gwyneth is so perfect and ageless that one would think she’s just genetically blessed. But apparently, even she feels the need to try eccentric skincare treatments that would sound way too risky for the rest of us mortals. Would you even dare consider getting your face stung by bees? One would assume an anaphylactic shock would follow ( and possibly kill? ) any human undergoing this bizarre practice. Luckily, the Academy Award Winning Actress has lived to tell the tale! During an interview with The New York Times she shared with the rest of the world the name of this thousand year old beauty treatment: apitherapy. Its benefits? Helps get rid of inflammation and scarring. Seems like beauty takes a lot of pain...and tons of courage as well!

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