How to Pick Your Skincare Products

How to Pick Your Skincare Products

Want dazzling skin? Better do your homework. You may feel puzzled in the process.  There’s literally millions of skincare brands on the market, so finding the right products for your skincare routine may turn into an overwhelming task. That’s why we have condensed in these 4 simple guidelines all you need to know. We’ll get you started off on the right foot in no time! 

Step 1: Know Your Skin Type

The easiest way to determine your skin type if the famous tissue test. It’s pretty much self- explanatory. Simply use a clean facial tissue first thing in the morning, right before cleansing your face. 

 Here’s what you can expect, and what that means: 

  • Clean tissue with no traces of oil with good skin elasticity means you have Normal Skin. In other words, you’ve hit the jackpot!  Normal skin is by far the most comfortable, less problematic and lowest maintenance skin type of them all. 
  •  Clean tissue with no traces of oil but tight skin means you have Dry skin. Although more high maintenance and prone to wrinkles and irritation, you’re less likely to have acne and there are plenty of beauty treatments that you can start using as early as possible to keep it balanced and healthy throughout your life.
  •  Tissue with spots of facial oil means - you guessed it - oily skin. Although quite problematic and prone to acne breakouts, good news is you’re less prone to wrinkles.
  •  Tissue with spots of facial oil but only on your T-Zone means combination skin. Combination skin is the most complex one to treat, but the trick is to select the right mix of products for both dry and oily skin.


Step 2: Focus on Your Top Skin Concern

Once you know your skin type, you need to narrow down your product choices even more by targeting a specific skincare need or concern as your top priority. There are countless of skin concerns, but here’s a list of the most frequent ones, to help you identify yours: 


Step 3: Keep It Simple

When it comes to skincare, less is more but consistency is key.  No matter your skin type,  stick to the basic 3 step skincare process, especially if you’re just starting out with your first skincare regime:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Moisturize


Step 4: Check Labels

Read, research and compare ingredients before buying.  Rely on magazines and beauty blogger reviews, but most importantly check product labels.  Organic is usually the best way to go.  But, as a general rule, there are ingredients that have been proven scientifically to make a difference on your skin, and here the main ones:

 On the other hand, you may want to avoid any skincare products containing:
  • Alcohol
  • Parabens
  • Fragrances

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