How to Fine-tune your Skincare Routine for Fall

How to Fine-tune your Skincare Routine for Fall

Whether we like it or not, fall is already here! Don’t fight mother nature and do embrace the seasonal weather changes. Just by making a few minor tweaks to your skincare routine you can quickly adjust, help your skin recover from the summer and get ready for the cooler, more drying days ahead.

#1 GO FOR GENTLER CLEANSERS: As soon as you say hello to fall, ditch the harsh soaps. Once summer is gone, our skin’s oil production tends to decrease. You need to compensate for the extra dryness of these months by using much gentler and more hydrating cleansers. Think of cleansing milks, or even oil based cleansers to do the job instead.

#2 USE VITAMIN C TO REVERSE SUMMER SUN DAMAGE: Fall, and even winter time, give you the opportunity to recover from any sun damage caused by the summer months. It’s the best time of the year to attend to uneven skin tone, and visit your dermatologist for a professional chemical peel or use stronger chemical exfoliating agents —such as Vitamin C—at home to vanish any new sunspots.

#3 REPLACE LOTION WITH SERUM AND THICKER MOISTURIZER: During fall, forget those lightweight moisturizers. Don’t hesitate to quickly switch to thicker face creams and body butters instead. A great tip for that much needed hydration boost, is to start with a thin layer of serum first to lock in your skin’s moisture and then apply a creamier moisturizer on top as a protective barrier before you start your day.

#4 EXFOLIATE WITH AN OIL-BASED SCRUB: Summer sun, chlorine and even sea salt, usually dry out our skin. To start fall with the right foot and renewed skin, pamper your body with a full-body exfoliation session! If you’re a busy and practical girl, we recommend choosing an oil-based scrub that will remove flaky skin, hydrate and leave your body with a delicious and sensual scent... all in one single step!

#5 PAMPER YOUR LIPS AND HANDS: Don’t forget to give some extra love to your lips and hands this fall as well. As soon as it starts getting colder and the air loses humidity, and the same happens to our lips and hands. I think we will all agree that the number-one most annoying thing about the colder seasons are dry chapped lips and cracked hands. To prevent this, apply lip balm and hand cream every evening and leave a humidifier on while you sleep at night. Exfoliate your lips and hands and moisturize once again as soon as you wake up. Lastly, don’t lick your lips and always wear gloves when the temperature drops considerably!

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