How Can I Keep Acne Breakouts from Happening?

How Can I Keep Acne Breakouts from Happening?

Once a pimple announces itself, the best thing is to wait it out. Popping, rubbing, or picking are only going to make matters worse – and will surely make worse matters last longer. Wouldn’t it be better to simply avoid pimples in the first place? Here are four tips to keep acne breakouts from happening:

Four Ways to Keep Acne Breakouts from Happening

1. Keep it clean

Washing your face twice a day is the recommended regimen. But you have to do it right to reap the rewards of fewer breakouts. First, choose a gentle, low-pH cleanser. Harsh soaps will strip your skin’s protective layer and only cause more irritation. Next, use warm – not hot! – water. Finally, be gentle. No scrubbing. Your hands or a soft washcloth are all you need. Finish up with a fresh, clean towel to dry off.

2. Use salicylic acid nightly

Unlike benzoyl peroxide, the acne remedy salicylic acid is unlikely to dry out your skin and won’t bleach your black T-shirts. Salicylic acid helps unclog pores to reverse and prevent pimples. It doesn’t affect oil production and it won’t kill bacteria, so you still need to wash your face properly before using it. In addition, you have to use it regularly. The effects stop when you stop applying it.

3. Hands off

Do you have the bad habit of touching your face with your hands? This is a bad idea in more than one way. First, the hands are a notorious source of germs picked up from the myriad things we come into contact each day (think doorknobs, money, shoes, and keys, for example). Second, touching your face probably means touching your pimples – and we all know that picking or popping a pimple never leads to anything good. While you’re at it, give your cell phone a good wipe-down with a bit of hand sanitiser on a tissue or cotton ball once a day. You’d be horrified to learn how dirty a phone can be!

4. Wear less makeup

Cosmetics can be a trigger for breakouts because of clogged pores or allergic reactions to synthetic ingredients. Heavy foundations and thick concealers – which you may be tempted to use during a breakout – may be contributing to your pimples in the first place. Try taking a makeup break, for a day or a week, and see how your skin reacts. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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