Anniversary Gemstones: The Ultimate Guide to Say I Love You!

Anniversary Gemstones: The Ultimate Guide to Say I Love You!

Celebrating love is key for a long lasting relationship. That’s probably why, traditionally each wedding anniversary is linked to different gemstones. Here’s a quick guide to picking the right Anniversary Gemstone to say I Love You on your milestones:


Gold will last forever. That’s a great quality to wish for your marriage after your first year together. Give her a charm bracelet that you can add to for subsequent anniversaries.


It’s a relatively hard stone, and quite versatile when it comes to jewelry design. When shopping for your anniversary gift think of rings, earrings and pendants with Garnet.


Natural or cultured, all Pearls are created equally beautiful. So no matter your budget, whenever your 3rd year anniversary comes, you have no excuse!

Blue topaz

Blue topaz has historically been associated with love and affection — pretty perfect reasons to give it as an anniversary gift.


Sapphire is a hard and durable gemstone, so it’s great for any piece of jewelry.


Amethyst is breathtaking. Available in all styles of jewelry, it won’t fail to make your 6th Anniversary unforgettable.


The 7th Anniversary is just for HIM!  Onyx hardness, makes it durable and popular in men’s jewelry.


Tourmaline is about fusion of color. Gemologists call them parti-colored. For your 8th year together, give her a gift that represents your union by picking a tourmaline with both your favorite colors. 

Lapis lazuli

Finding jewelry designed for lapis lazuli can be hard. But since you’ve made it this far in your marriage, we’re certain you are up for the challenge!


What a huge Milestone! Remember your engagement by going back to diamonds.


Rubies are perfect for your 15th Anniversary: true emblems of love and passion.


Emerald’s beautiful green will melt her heart. But a ring should be worn with care, due to its fragility.

Silver Jubilee

There’s such a wide array of jewelry in sterling silver for both him and her!

Pearl Jubilee

Since it’s also the gem for the third anniversary, now’s a perfect time to give her that pearl necklace or bracelet to match those earrings.


Same as Pearl,  Emerald is also repeated in this list. Maybe it’s time for that crucial jewelry piece she’s missing.


There’s never such a thing as saying I love you too much. And that’s exactly what that gorgeous red ruby will say to her on your 40th Anniversary.


Sapphire was also the gem for the fifth anniversary.  Life’s about second chances. If your budget was too tight back then, then it’s time to make up for that!

Golden Jubilee

By the time you’ve shared 50 years together, gifts may not be as important as what you’ve accomplished as a couple. But it’s certainly a great excuse to give your loved one something in gold. For him, perhaps a gold watch.


Of all gemstones, diamonds are the strongest ones. Celebrate your unbreakable love with a stylish and unbreakable gemstone. You deserve it!

Platinum Jubilee

The 70th anniversary gemstone is the platinum jubilee. Platinum is as rare as 70 years of marriage, so what a perfect match!

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