6 Simple Tips to Look Instantly Stunning

6 Simple Tips to Look Instantly Stunning

More often than not, we have those unbelievably hectic days when taking the proper time to look our best seems virtually impossible.

You’re sexy, and you sure know it… now it’s time to let the rest of the world know!

Whether you’re unexpectedly running into your ex in 5 minutes or touching up during the day to amp up your glam factor, here are 6 proven super simple and quick tips to look instantly stunning:

#1 The Celebrity Trick
Sex appeal is more connected with that halo of mystery than actual looks. Style yourself to intrigue them all: Wear sunglasses! Grab a pair and keep them in your purse. No matter what’s going on beneath those, you’ll get an instant magnetic and mysterious look.

#2 Jump on Those Stilettos
They say “strong women wear their pain like stilettos. No matter how much it hurts, all you see is the beauty of it”. There’s a price to be paid to look instantly stunning, get on those high heels for a slimmer figure with curves in the right places and an instant confidence boost. Even if you don’t feel like putting them on when you’re sleepy and only have 2 minutes before crossing that door in the morning grab two pairs of high heels, one nude and one black. Keep them in the trunk of your car… you never know what a long day might bring!

#3 When in Doubt, Wear Some Red
According to a 2008 study, published by two University of Rochester psychologists looking closely at the relationship between behavior and color women in red rated significantly more attractive. So next time you hit the pavement jungle, wear red! Whether it’s lipstick, a shirt, a scarf, nails or earrings… you’re scientifically guaranteed to get their attention.

#4 Get Glowing before You Get Going
Moisten lips, highlight cheekbones and get glossy hair with a couple of drops of coconut oil. You’ll get youthful juicy lips, a glowing complexion and shiny sexy frizz-free hair…in less than 2 minutes!

#5 Straighten up and Fly Right!
Trust us, beauty has a lot more to do with attitude than anything else. So strike a pose. It will make your tummy and arms look slimmer and project self-confidence onto others. Good posture shows you’re in control of your body and comfortable in your own skin… That’s what we call S-E-X-Y !

#6 Do the Hair Flip
Big hair makes you look stunning. But, hair tends to flatten throughout the day. A sneaky but effective trick for instant volume is to flip your beautiful hair over your shoulders. This will also bring attention to your ears and neck…isn’t that sexy?

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