Kristals Makes a Cameo on

Kristals Makes a Cameo on

Kristals Makes a Cameo on

Kristals is excited to announce that we've made a cameo on We are beyond thrilled that WagMag absolutely loves Kristals Cosmetics.

Why? There's no better way to improve skin complexion than by using Kristals' products.

That's because, in conjunction with the high quality ingredients, each product is also infused with a sacred gemstone. Each key gemstone helps balance a different aspect of your skin, while promoting spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Daniella Renda writes for WagMag about Kristals: 

"They say rock crystal protects the skin from UV damage, while amethyst reintroduces oxygen to the skin to revitalize the complexion. Amber offers a dose of vitamin C to reverse sun damage, while 24-karat gold harnesses oxygen molecules underneath the skin’s surface to reduce discoloration.
"Ruby restores a youthful glow, while rose quartz helps clear up rashes and blemishes. Pearl, which is rich in vitamins and amino acids, has strong anti-aging properties, while diamond firms the skin for timeless beauty.
"Aventurine has anti-inflammatory abilities and helps treat eczema, rashes, acne and psoriasis, while aquamarine, a cooling stone, helps calm these conditions, along with hives, rosacea and the harsh effects of shaving.
"And, we’re told, after a long day in the sun — something that we won’t have to worry about for long in WAG country (gasp) — sapphire soothes burns and helps reduce inflammation."


Kristals is known as the leader in crystal-infused skincare. Blending top quality beauty products with gemstones is the best way to go.

Find out which gem you should use based on your birthday. Shop here to order your crystal-infused skincare products today.