Yahoo! Finance Announces Kristals Cosmetics YouTube Launch

Yahoo! Finance Announces Kristals Cosmetics YouTube Launch

Yahoo! Finance as well as Cosmetics Technology have announced the Kristals Cosmetics launch of a new YouTube channel and series of videos showing how to use the company's skincare products.

"We believe that beautiful skin isn't just the result of the right chemicals. Helping someone improve their skin is essentially healing, and for centuries healing has happened by harnessing the power of the natural world around us, including gemstones. That's why we developed Kristals," stated Shay Segev, president and CEO of Kristals Cosmetics.

He emphasized the transformative effects of the healing gems in Kristals products, "especially the connection between the physical and spiritual aspects, so we're trying to provide that," said Segev.

And Yahoo! Finance explained how the brand is also working with a number of beauty bloggers and publications so they can try the products themselves and review them for their audiences. Kristals also has some giveaways in the works and provides sample size items to customers. 

Read the full story at Yahoo! Finance here and on Cosmetics Technology here.

And watch the Kristals Cosmetics tutorial videos here!