What Would V Wear Reviews Kristals Cosmetics

What Would V Wear Reviews Kristals Cosmetics

Vanessa Lambert reviewed Kristals Cosmetics this month on her platform What Would V Wear, raving about the wonderful effects of the brand's Ruby skincare line on her skin.

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"I’ve been using Kristals Cosmetics during my entire trip in Europe, a brand known for its bio-energized formulas inspired by ancient and holistic traditions. I brought with me my RUBY Super Thermal Repair Mask, Facial Nourishing Cream and Facial Serum," Vanessa shared.

Then she proceeded to elaborate on the specific products and how each of them helped heal and nourish her skin:

Thermal Repair Mask really did wonders to my skin – it’s unique self-heating system not only smoothed my deep lines but also encouraged my skin to renew itself. As it gently warms to the touch, the mask prepares your skin to absorb the powerful ruby gemstone’s strengthening and nourishing properties," V wrote.

Next, came the serum.

"RUBY Super Facial Serum – I use this serum every day (morning/night). It helps halt and reverse the aging process using the famed ruby gemstone. The serum also contains jojoba seed oil, a rich and powerful skin emollient which made my skin wonderfully soft!" V told.

And finally, the cream.

"RUBY Super Facial Nourishing Cream – Just like the serum,  I use the cream every day.  I apply it in the morning to help hydrate my skin by binding moisture to my skin. To amplify ruby’s age-defying properties, Kristals Cosmetics infuse their cream with Hydroviton, which deeply hydrates dry skin. It really helps me seal in moisture for the day ahead!" V concluded.

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