Heather Hahn "Obsessing Over" Kristals Cosmetics

Heather Hahn "Obsessing Over" Kristals Cosmetics

Life & Style Blogger and Digital Influencer Heather Hahn has posted on Twitter and Instagram that she is happily "obsessing over" the Kristals Cosmetics line of skincare products to start the new year.

"New year means new skin routine!," Hahn wrote on Instagram.

"Lately, I've been obsessing over a new skincare brand that I've tried out called @kristalshq ❤️ My two favorite products of theirs has been the 'Amber Hydration Cream' & the 'Amber Brightening Serum'. What I love about #kristalscosmetics is that their skincare products actually have gemstones in them and with each application, my skin feels very refreshed and relaxed," she continued.

"I'm also a fan of any type of skincare that makes my skin feel smooth, and #kristalscosmetics does it for me," Hahn concluded.

Thank you, Heather!

Check out her favorite products for yourself here: