24K Age Reverse Collagen Neck Mask


Includes 12 Treatment Masks / 1 Year Supply

    Treat the delicate skin on your neck with our collagen neck mask that harnesses the known anti-aging benefits of 24K to reveal more radiant, youthful-looking skin.

    Long a symbol of beauty and power, 24K has been used for beauty treatments even before Cleopatra reportedly used it to enhance her skin more than 2,000 years ago. The Kristals 24K Age Reverse Collagen Neck Mask helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and discoloration and helps skin feel renewed with a glow and radiance that comes from pure 24K. As we get older, our neck shows signs of aging in the form of fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. Powerful antioxidants Peony and Licorice Root Extract come together to help boost clarity and radiance and are combined with Irish Moss which is known to increase collagen and elastin production, tightening sagging skin and wrinkles. We also included collagen to encourage the renewal of skin cells and give the skin a moisturized appearance. 

    When used once a month, this neck mask will give the skin on your neck a boost, revealing hydrated, more youthful-looking skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 15 minutes. 

    How to Use: Wash your neck thoroughly prior to application of the mask, removing any cream or perfume. Take the mask out of the packaging and apply to the neck. Leave on for at least 15 minutes and relax. Use once every 4 weeks. Follow with Kristals 24K Facial Perfecting Serum by applying in upward motion.

    INSTRUCCIONES: Lava tu cuello a fondo antes de aplicar la mascarilla, eliminando cualquier crema o perfume. Extrae la mascarilla del envoltorio y aplícala en el cuello. Déjala por unos 15 minutos como mínimo y relájate. Retira la mascarilla y aplica una crema o suero con movimientos hacia arriba. Utilízala una vez cada 4 semanas. 

    UTILISATION: Se laver soigneusement le cou avant d'appliquer le masque, en prenant soin d'enlever toute crème ou tout parfum. Retirer le masque de son emballage et l'appliquer sur le cou. Laisser agir pendant au moins 15 minutes et se détendre. Enlever le masque et appliquer une crème ou un sérum en mouvement ascendant. À utiliser une fois par mois.

    MODALITÀ D'USO: Lava accuratamente il collo prima di applicare la maschera, per rimuovere ogni traccia di crema o di profumo. Estrai la maschera dalla confezione e applicala sul collo. Lasciala agire per almeno 15 minuti e rilassati. Rimuovi la maschera e applica un siero o una crema con movimenti dal basso verso l'alto. Utilizzala una volta ogni 4 settimane.

    ANWENDUNG: Waschen Sie Ihren Hals gründlich, bevor Sie die Maske auftragen. Entfernen Sie alle Cremes oder Parfums. Nehmen Sie die Maske aus der Verpackung und tragen Sie sie auf den Hals auf. Lassen Sie sie mindestens 15 Minuten einwirken und entspannen Sie sich. Entfernen Sie die Maske und tragen Sie eine Creme oder ein Serum mit Aufwärtsbewegungen auf. Einmal alle 4 Wochen anwenden.

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