The Power of Gemstones in Skin Care

For thousands of years, gemstones of all types have been used to promote health and healing for any number of conditions, including skin care. We were aware of this, but only recently asked our researchers to explore the possibility of using gemstones like diamonds, amber, ruby, pearl and amethyst, among others, to see if the legendary healing capabilities in stones actually had basis in fact.

Based on their extensive trials, we saw that this did — and this lead to the birth of Kristals. Of course, we didn’t want to just have our products rely on the power of gemstones. Skincare products are similar to sports in that they are ultimately a team effort. While a star like a specific gemstone is great to have, you also need complementary ingredients that work well with the star so that together, they deliver the maximum effects as a team to improve skin.

That’s why we formulated Kristals products to also include scientifically proven skincare stars like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol, vitamin E and a range of botanical extracts. Our team worked extensively to carefully calibrate the balance of these ingredients to ensure they promote radiant, youthful-looking skin. More importantly, we work to formulate Kristals products to help promote not just short-term great results, but overall long-term skin health so our products work wonderfully in tandem with a sensible skin care regimen.