RUBY Super Thermal Repair Mask

Treat your skin to the most advanced anti-aging science available today with Ruby Super Thermal Repair Mask. This unique self-heating mask not only smoothes deep lines and wrinkles but also encourages your skin to renew itself. As it gently warms to the touch, thanks to a naturally occurring mineral compound that heats when exposed to water, the mask prepares your skin to absorb the powerful ruby gemstone’s strengthening and nourishing properties.
For best results, apply onto a thoroughly cleansed face as follows: Stir contents.
  • Cleanse face thoroughly.
  • Dispense a quarter-sized amount into palm of hand.
  • Apply to wet skin by gently massaging over chin, nose, forehead and cheeks in a circular motion, avoiding eye area. You will experience a warming sensation in treated areas, which is normal.
  • Wet again to accelerate the heating process.
  • Leave mask on for three minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water.
Use once or twice a week. To complete the treatment, smooth on RUBY Super Facial Nourishing Cream followed by Super Facial Serum.

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