Diamond Mask Set

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DIAMOND Anti-Gravity Magnetic Mask

Kristals Cosmetics' exclusive DIAMOND Anti-Gravity Magnetic Mask offers a unique combination of magnetic healing and pure diamond power to bring you incomparable health and renewed beauty. Diamond’s exfoliating power enables youthful skin below to become more receptive to the magnetic powder’s ability to speed up production of ATP, a molecule that stimulates electromagnetic energy flow through acupuncture meridians. Diamond also reduces appearance of sun damage while refined magnetic powder increases cellular regeneration by bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

DIAMOND Select Anti-Gravity Spark Eye Mask

Skin virtually defies gravity when enhanced with the power of pure diamond as it lifts and firms while brightening and hydrating, building a cushion of density into time-thinned skin that helps erase the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Pure diamond powder also sloughs off old cells, making skin luminous by enabling youthful skin within to appear, reducing the appearance of sun damage. A set of concentrated eye treatment masks that instantly restore vibrancy and moisture to the eye area. These eye masks work to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the eye area. While brightening and minimizing dark circles, they plump the skin with hydration and refine texture for softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin. Diamond powder works in harmony with Collagen; the combination makes collagen contract and firm to reduce skin sagging and wrinkles. The mixture of Lavender Oil and Chamomile penetrates skin instantly to seal in ingredients’ essence to refine skin’s surface for 24-hour hydration.

DIAMOND Anti-Gravity Magnetic Mask

For best results, apply onto a thoroughly cleansed and dry face and neck as follows: 1) Use the spatula to spread a layer of the mask over entire face, avoiding the eye area. 2) Leave mask on for seven minutes. 3) Remove by gliding the tissue-wrapped magnet bar (attached to the box) over face revealing a thin layer of Organic Oil Extracts. Gently massage the nutrients Organic Oil Extracts layer into the skin, using a circular motion. 4) Follow up by cleansing your face with DIAMOND Anti-Gravity Gentle Foaming Milk. 5) Conclude with applying Anti Gravity Firming Serum. The DIAMOND Anti-Gravity Magnetic Mask effect will remain active on your face for up to 10 hours after it has been removed. Apply twice a week for best results. For all skin types excluding oily/acne-prone skin.

DIAMOND Select Anti-Gravity Spark Eye Mask

1) Wash your face thoroughly prior to application of the mask. 2) Remove eye sheets from the tray and apply under the eyes. 3) Either side of the mask can be used. 4) Leave on for 15 minutes and peel off. 5) Using light pressure, pat the remaining emulsion into the skin around the eye area. Use once every 4 weeks.

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