What Are The Beauty Benefits of Amber?

What Are The Beauty Benefits of Amber?

Have you heard about the beauty benefits of amber? We believe in these so much that we've combined an amber powder with other ingredients to create skincare products that will wow consumers. 

We know it’s from a resin, not a gemstone, but it is still incredibly powerful. The stone is said to ease stress, help in manifestation, and some say that amber jewelry can help have health benefits too, like lessening arthritic pain and tension, or improving thyroid function.

Beauty Benefits of Amber in Skincare Products

In the world of beauty, amber is known for its effects on mood and skin. It’s also great for improving anxiety, and depression. For a person with those conditions, it’s not unusual for the physical effects to show on one’s skin – think wrinkles, under eye circles, even acne. There are several forms of amber that can be useful in one’s beauty routine – from beauty products that contain amber to amber essential oil, or even amber jewelry.

Some of the beauty benefits of amber include:

  • Improving in the skin's glow and reducing the look of pores, lines and wrinkles. When combined with other ingredients like stabilised and highly active Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and red algae, like in Amber Multi-Vitamin C Hydration Cream, the amber helps fight the signs of aging. It reduces the appearance of rough patches, and brightens skin.
  • Brightening the skin’s tone, and reducing the look of dark spots and circles. When combined with nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin E, amber can help to improve the look of dark spots.
  • When worn in jewelry, amber is said to stimulate the immune system, which helps fight the issues that can affect one’s physical appearance.

At Kristals, we use an exclusive amber powder to supercharge items in the Amber product line to bring youthful radiance and other health benefits to our customers.   

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