Can you REALLY Manage Acne with Gemstones?

Can you REALLY Manage Acne with Gemstones?

Acne can be quite the challenge. First there’s the horror of a breakout as an adult, and then there’s the struggle to conceal it or to clear it up fast. That's probably what got you here in the first place. Is it true that one could manage acne with gemstones? Keep on reading to find out.

Here's how you can manage Acne with Gemstones...

Gemstones to Use to Improve Acne Issues

Gemstones are a newer addition to the skincare scene, but certain gemstones have fantastic skin-calming properties that can often reduce the look of a breakout. Crystal healing is something you can easily add to your typical skincare routine.

Different gemstones have special effects, and there are a couple of stones that are particularly useful when it comes to battling acne issues. You can use skincare products infused with certain stones. You can also use the stones to massage affected skin, or even wash with a gemstone infused water.   


High in iron and negative ions, this popular purple gemstone is known to detoxify. Many believe that it fights bacteria and supports new skin cell growth. In terms of acne, this means that there could be an increase in the need for exfoliation, but new skin cells are healthier than the older cells and this will brighten your complexion. Try replacing your average day cream with Kristals Amethyst Serum.


This gemstone is said to lessen the possibility of scarring due to acne breakouts. Rhodonite is typically a combination of two colors: pink and brown. The mineral is known for its ability to lessen an individual’s stress levels and anxiety, which can lead to breakouts. Also, if you rub a flat, tumbled stone on the affected area, the magnesium inside is helpful in preventing scars from sores and pimples.


Moonstone is known to balance hormones or lessen the impact of hormones, which often cause particularly stubborn acne. It is particularly helpful during times like puberty, menstrual cycles and menopause.

At Kristals, our gemstone infused skincare is formulated to clean and balance the skin, add moisture, and keep the skin looking fresh and young. 

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