TheInsideOutBeauty Reviews Kristals Diamond Skincare Line

TheInsideOutBeauty Reviews Kristals Diamond Skincare Line

Lifestyle blogger Heidi from TheInsideOutBeauty has posted a sparkling video review of the Kristals Cosmetics diamond skincare line titled, "Diamonds for Your Skincare?! Kristals Cosmetics Diamond Review."

Heidi covers the skincare benefits of diamond in cosmetics products ("Diamonds can help firm and lift your skin; Diamonds offer longer exfoliation effects than any other exfoliating ingredient; Diamonds lock in moisture), showcases their packaging, and describes the routine step by step as well as the results she experienced on her skin after using the products for two weeks and as directed.

Regarding the Kristals Diamond Anti-Gravity Gentle Foaming Milk, Heidi wrote, "I have sensitive skin. I found this was good for deep yet gentle cleansing of my skin. It performed very well as a makeup remover the first time I used it.[...] I didn't experience any signs of irritation whatsoever." 

Insofar as the Kristals Diamond Anti-Gravity Firming Serum, "With this serum you can be sure to experience an instant improvement in all over softness. I also felt like I had a protective barrier against dust and city pollution," she shared. 

Finally, she used the Kristals DIAMOND Anti-Gravity Magnetic Mask -- her favorite: "I can honestly only describe my skin after the above process with one word: glowing! It just looked and felt relaxed, super moisturized and radiant," she concluded. 

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